Bookshop is Temporarily Closed 

Announcement:Position Vacant – Literature Chairperson

The role for Literature Chairperson for Our Fellowship is Unfilled. If you would like to be of service please contact us @

Dear Members – For several years, the distribution of ACA literature has been managed by a volunteer. The previous volunteer has resigned the position and while a replacement has been sought, no one has emerged to fill this vital service role. It is with regret that we must shut the literature shop, until another volunteer emerges. If you would like to take on this service role, and live within the Sydney area, please contact

ACA’s literature service is conducted by a volunteer doing service. Literature orders are fulfilled weekly and usually posted on Saturdays. If you make an order, it may take up to 7 days for a response. Please be patient if you don’t receive an immediate response.

 Our bookshop is currently offline until the website updates are complete. In the interim, you can order the Big Red Book, Yellow 12 Steps Workbook as well as other ACA publications by following the instructions below.


Please make payment to the literature account (see below Account Details) and forward the confirmation of payment receipt, along with your postal address and contact number and advise what books are ordered and how many to email address:

Any other additional enquiries please do not hesitate to email:


Literature Prices

 Big Red Book – $35 

12 Steps Yellow Workbook – $30 

Laundry list Workbook – $35 

Strengthening My Recovery Daily Affirmations – $30

Loving Parent Guidebook – $35 

Standard Postage prices start from:-

1 book – $15

2-3 books – $20

4 books – $25

5 + books please email for a quote.


Account Details

Bank: Westpac

Account Name: ACoA Literature

BSB: 032-044

Acct: 748105